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Welcome to our intranet

(This is still much work in progress ... it's going slowly, as I'm prioritizing "disaster recovery" and "backup" much more than "getting things up and running")

In progress[edit]

Future plans[edit]

  • Find some solution to the Wifi problem.
  • VoIP
    • SIP?
    • asterix/asterixnow/asterixgui
    • bria on android
  • Terminals
    • fix the eee and use it in the living room (music player + terminal)
    • fix the t60. It should go to Kopchino.
  • Integrated alarm system. Can icinga do it all? escalations, preack, ack, reset (on alarms like "door has been opened") and "downtime" seems to be the essential features ...
  • House-internal chat/IM-system
  • Set up some calendar system / todo list system (devcal?)
    • Connectivity - should be trivial to keep other systems in sync. The system doesn't need to do Everything as long as it can connect to other systems.
      • achievo?
      • zimbra calendar
      • zimbra tasks - look into it?
      • google tasks
      • google calendar
      • redmine
      • RT
      • astrid
    • Easy access for adding tasks - should be trivial to add tasks:
      • from any browser
      • from smartphone
      • from the command line.
      • through email
    • Easy access for viewing tasks
  • Email forwarding
  • Backup systems
  • Webmail (zimbra?)
  • Wordpress?
  • etherpad?
  • Web proxy (for faster browsing)
  • Traffic shaping (prioritizing the traffic, avoiding congestions, faster browsing, slower downloads)
  • Internal file server and torrent server/tracker for media content (films, music, etc)
    • rtorrent that picks up torrents or magnet links posted to it
    • internal tracker
    • transparent proxy that picks up tracker traffic and ensures the "official" rtorrent instance is the only one generating external traffic
  • Think of some project tracking tools?
  • More professional looking web site
  • Access rights
  • Inventory database

Other info[edit]

how to get here