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Current setup[edit]

Uplink and backups[edit]

  • ADSL-line comes in from Powertech.
    • is unfortunately currently 100% controlled by the ISP.
      • The router itself has support for backup link through GSM, wifi and several other things - but it's currently disabled.
      • It responds to dhcp and yields out 6 public IPv4 addresses. This is a problem since we have a lot more than 6 devices connected.
      • IPv6 doesn't work fully - it fails to yield a name server (DNS). It can be manually configured;
        • 2001:840:0:100::1
        • 2001:840:0:200::1
    • Only 512 kB/s upstream link
    • Some few MB/s downstream
  • ICE Net modem can be used for backup, but failover is 100% manually - and I quite often take the modem out of the house. It has both wifi and physical ports. Devices set up with static IP will of course fail. ICE doesn't support IPv6. There is a monthly quota on data transfer - when it's exceeded, connection will be quite slow.
  • Tobias' Dell laptop can be set up to route traffic through GSM. Monthly quota on data transfer - when it's exceeded, connection will be quite slow.

Wireless Access points and Routers[edit]

  • There are 7 connections in the closet in Sebastians bedroom
    • 2 going to the office
    • 1 going down the stairs
    • 2 going to the north east of the living room
    • 2 supposed to go to the south east end of the living room (behind bookshelfs). One of the cables have been sliced up and is currently connected to the neighbours windows computer.
    • Located in the closet in Sebastians small bedroom upstairs
    • More or less directly (some of the connections are going through an old adsl-router) connected to ...
      • Some of the sockets down in the living room
      • neighbours windows-laptop
      • in the office (laptop - not always it's connected there)
      • (down in the stairs)
        • essid tobixen_at_gmail_com - WPA2 - passphrase is shtandart
        • slightly unstable
        • IPv4/dhcp/NAT on the wifi
        • IPv6 is broken (work in process).
        • Cable ports are bridged with
        • Connected by cable to
      • The wireless AP with essid - standing in the office
        • Open wifi
        • yields out a small IPv6-range through wide-dhcp6 and proxy-ndp
        • Connected by cable to smørøyet-laptop.smørø